Dénomination, slogan, & taglines

Vyv Media helps companies by creating brand names, developing creative campaign slogans, corporate slogans, and dynamic catchphrases as well as company and product names.

We create powerful brand names for Moroccan and international companies. We understand what it takes to create the right kind of brand name that not only sounds good but also has an engraved history that helps the brand connect with its targeted audience.

Slogans and catchphrases support, extend and enhance the name of a company or a brand. They can also be used to remodel or update names that no longer communicate the right content but cannot be changed for a variety of reasons.

At Vyv Media, we work hand-in-hand with our client to identify the content deficits of its existing visual and verbal identity elements and develop the new slogan or tagline to enhance existing messages, while resolving the identified issues.

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Beyond a simple quote, our web agency guides you and advises you on the best means of implementing your project, provides you with a detailed study as well as pricing information.

Vyv Media, Inc.