Vyv Media, Inc.

Our team is made up of strategists, designers, branding experts, business models and even service design. We help our customers to be exceptional or become even more so.


We specialize in the design, development and implementation of tailor-made solutions for corporate and marketing communications across a wide range of business sectors. From individual design elements to websites, apps, complete campaign designs and more, we provide our corporate clients with everything they need to communicate their brand in the most unique, memorable and user-friendly way possible. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and efficient design practices, always with a primary focus on our clients’ needs and desires.

Our Approach

We immerse ourselves in your world, learning all about your business, sectors and commercial challenges. We then develop this into robust strategies and distinguishable creative. We will be part of your journey, forging long lasting relationships that support you on your journey from good to great.

We are a multidisciplinary team, with a broad network that allows us to seamlessly tackle anything a project may need, including website development, copywriting, photography, animation, film making etc. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for any business, so we ensure our team and approach is centred around each individual client. Led by Vyv Media, our design studio’s creativity centres itself around being pure, honest and celebrating what makes you, you.

We are passionate about design that enriches the world, has a lasting positive effect and (most importantly) makes you smile.

Abandon assumptions

We enjoy digging. We do our research. We speak with advocates and cynics and bring the latter on board. We let conversations take us to the natural storytellers and get under the skin of the issue.

Discover the simple human truth

We pinpoint what angers, excites or stirs your audiences. Then we define brands, campaigns or creative that will attract attention and result in the right experience.

Create positive disruption

We like to make a little mischief. We work with you to understand the right level of positive disruption we can create for your brand. We get you noticed; we shift attitudes and change beliefs.

We bring your brand to life

We connect people, brand and strategy inside and out. We inspire your workforce to focus and create positive impact that is measurable and enduring. We create the experience that will ensure your audience will remember your brand – in fact, they’ll love it.

Our Expertise

We’re just as happy delivering brand strategy as we are a digital creative solution. Naming, tone of voice, motion graphics, literature, advertising… it’s all part of what we do. Always with engaging ideas and delivered with exceptional craft skills to grow the value of your brand.

Serving a range of industries

Bring you cutting edge digital solutions for all major industries and vertical sectors, including :

E-commerce & Retail, Social Networking, Health & Medical, Food & Beverages, Finance & Banking, Sports & Fitness, Music & Entertainment, Advertisement & news, Travel & Hospitality, Education & E-learning, Event Management, Real Estate & Properties.

Our digital expertise

Get a competitive advantage in business by leveraging our digital expertise. Our web and mobile application developers develop solutions that help you perform well online. Discover digital expertise at a glance.

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What we do for you

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